Dose of Reality #24

January 12, 2007

Dose of Reality

Random thoughts: I attended the CBJ-St. Louis game on Tuesday and then watched the St. Louis-New Jersey game on Wednesday. In Columbus, I thought that the Blues looked at little sluggish and held back, but when the game was winding down, they were still around and tied the Jackets. Against New Jersey, the Blues played at a faster tempo but still a little cautious. But they never left the game, frustrated the Devils, and won, 3-2. Back-to-back road wins is impressive, especially for St. Louis in New Jersey on the second night. I guess Andy Murray must be a good coach.

Last night I watched Buffalo play and heard the name Jaroslav Spacek mentioned a lot. It always bugs me that he is gone from Columbus. I include him on a list that includes Kevyn Adams, Darryl Sydor, Todd Marchant, Francois Beauchemin, and Espen Knutsen, as players that got away. I’m sure I’ll get some arguments out there from those who drank the MacLean cool-aid regarding Marchant, but Todd is playing well at Anaheim in the role he always has; a second line center, great on defense, above average on offense, and a team leader. Anyway, if Columbus could have kept these players I think the team would be a lot further along at this time.

Jaroslav Spacek: An offensive defenseman who would have been a great mentor for Duvie Westcott.

Kevyn Adams: A hustler and defender, a center that would have done the job thrown at Dan Fritsche when Dan was young and needed some help. Probably would have kept Malhotra from playing here.

Darryl Sydor: A leader who knows what it takes to win. His frustration with Columbus nearly killed him. Although he is now at the end of his career, he would have been a big help to the young guys that we have now.

Todd Marchant: I guess when you are player rep during the lockout, you have to pay a price.

Francois Beauchemin: A guy who is going to be an All-Star some day and be considered for the Norris Trophy. Last year when Anaheim was playing Calgary in the playoffs, he accepted a challenge from Jerome Iginla and beat him in a fight that ignited his team. Pretty good for a young guy.

Espen Knutsen: Now that the NHL is re-designed for players like him, he is retired. His skill set would have helped get the team off to a good start last year because he would have the room to play his game. You see how Vyborny has thrived under the new rules and you can imagine how Espen would have lit up the lamp.

Has Nationwide Arena ever confiscated anything from the fans during their searches at the entrances? Other than booze? They are starting to get under my skin with their requests to look even deeper into my wife’s purse, asking me to raise my coat or sweater, empty my pockets, and otherwise treat me without an ounce of courtesy. Are these searches becoming more thorough because the crowds are smaller and they have more time to inconvenience the fewer customers?

Does anyone out there follow the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets? I see that they have four wins in their first thirty games. Are they that bad?

– Truth Serum


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  1. Those guys are all gone, but I just saw that Derrick Walser was recalled from Syracuse. Sweet!

    In all seriousness, most of those guys are sorely missed by many of the CBJ faithful.

    I never had much of a soft spot for Sydor, myself. But I know what he could bring to a team under the right circumstances. If he were brought here with Foote instead of Berard, it could have been much different for him than it was at the time.

    MacLean played the Marchant situation expertly in terms of making Todd look bad.

    “Let’s take a guy who should never be saddled with first line minutes and responsibility and watch him wilt. Then we can waive him later and everybody will say I had no choice. Excellent.”

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