A very Predator weekend

January 12, 2007

Ahhh… the old home and home.  There was an interesting article in the Dispatch today about back to back games.  It seems as though most of the players surveyed actually like playing in games on successive days, and most of those guys like the second day better.

“Sometimes, you feel better the second game,” forward David Vyborny said. “There’s no [noon] skate the second day, you get good sleep and you just play.”

I understand the logic of what they’re saying.  But as beat writer Michael Arace doesn’t fail to point out, they haven’t done so well in the second game.  Since joining the NHL in 2000, the Blue Jackets are (40-43-12) in the first of two, and a dismal (27-57-11) in the second.  I’d be interested to see those stats broken down a little further.  Such as: how many wins and losses on each of those days came against teams that had played the night before or were playing the night after.  Seeing as how the Jackets have been a traditionally subpar team I’m guessing the results don’t vary all that much, but it may be interesting.

Tonight’s game is in Nashville, and tomorrow the guys are back in town at Nationwide.  I’ll be at the game tomorrow night, as previously mentioned.  Hopefully it will be a bit more fun than the last Preds game I saw on November 20.

It will likely be a quiet weekend here at the End of the Bench.  Lots of fun activities are planned.  Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.

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