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January 11, 2007

It traveled like wildfire throughout the hockey blogging community back in August, and it appears that the “Five weird things” meme is back.  The first I saw it reappear was over at A2Y.  He tagged Herringbone over at Death Cab for Woody, who passed on the joy to Truth Serum and I here at EOB.  So without further delay, here are your five (ten) things you (probably) didn’t know about us:


  1. I have a remarkably short attention span relative to things I enjoy.  I do a lot of reading on various topics, and can often be completely wrapped up absorbing knowledge on something when three months later I won’t be into it anymore.  Anything that passes that 3-6 month period of true interest is in for the long haul.  Mrs. EOB passed the test (thankfully for me!), as have hockey, billiards, woodworking, and playing board/card games.  Now if I could just find that career that interests me for more than three months…
  2. In terms of injuries I’ve led a pretty safe life so far, having only broken two bones.  That in itself isn’t so unusual, but the fact that it was the same bone, same place, doing the same thing two years apart, and it was my left thumb is probably a little more interesting.  Playing second base in softball, I caught a line drive slightly out of the pocket of my glove and broke my thumb.  Being male, and thus inherently stupid, I played the rest of the game and went to the urgent care the next morning.  Two years later, I was at shortstop and tried to stab at a screamer to my right.  The hit almost ripped my glove off, and while it failed at this task it did break my thumb again.  Still being male (and stupid), I moved to left field for the rest of the game and finished out the day, going to the urgent care the next morning.  I wish I’d had a camera to catch the look on the doctor’s face when he found out this was the second time I’d done this.  Priceless.
  3. Through high school, I had difficulty running any distance more than 400 M.  Much more than that, and I would get very painful side cramps, headaches, and shortness of breath.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself answering “yes” last year when my friend asked me to join him in a 5K race.  I trained responsibly, finished in 35:00 or so, and will be doing at least four more races this year ranging from a 5K to a half marathon.  I’ll be chronicling the journey in both a running journal and online (I’ll have a link to my new site shortly, not that most of you probably care that much.)
  4. I’ve had the same core group of friends since high school.  We’ve all stayed in the Columbus area post-college, and we still get together on a very regular basis.  I have acquaintances from work that I’m friendly with, but all my true friends I either went to high school with or have been brought to the group by others already in the group.  It makes our group very family-like, having been together so long.
  5. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’m approaching 30 (another 13 months), and I’m getting a clearer idea of my interests.  But I’m still lacking the guts to drop life as I know it and go for the gold.  I’ve held quite a variety of jobs since high school: video store clerk, outdoor lumber yard laborer, warehouse forklift operator, private saxophone instructor, marching band instructor, restaurant manager, insurance sales support, and insurance broker.  Some of these were fun, and others not so much.  I do know that I still haven’t found the one thing I wouldn’t mind doing for 30-40 more years.

Combined with the previous admissions, that’s now ten things you probably didn’t know about me.  Now on to the mystery writer…

Truth Serum

OK, I let Drew talk me into this. I never liked tag as a kid, but I’ll play along. So here are five things about me that you don’t know. Actually, except for Drew, nobody knows anything about me.

  1. Keeping with the theme that Drew used, I started playing hockey at age four.  I did not play a game on indoor ice until I was eight.  Yes, I am an old coot, but not like Sid Abel, who used to talk on and on about playing on black ice.  But hockey was and still is my favorite sport, which I still play.
  2. I played for Notre Dame in a college old-timers tournament in the 1980’s.  It was in Lake Placid and we only won one of the four games.  This was around the time that ND dropped hockey as a varsity sport and after one bad outing against Plattsburgh State, the locals heckled us by saying “no wonder Notre Dame dropped hockey!” as we walked off the ice.  My alma mater did not have a team in the tournament. I don’t play in old-timer tournaments anymore.
  3. Although I have been in the software development industry for a long time and once worked in the graphics software segment, I do not play video games.  I was content just to sell graphic software tools and libraries to the game makers and count my money.
  4. I love electronic and computer gadgets. I buy a lot of them, some of them too early, but I enjoy them and follow the market enthusiastically.  I own and use different platforms, like Linux, Mac, and Windows.  I don’t have a Unix box anymore.  I bought an HDTV set and since I don’t have Time Warner Cable, I can watch ABC without any trouble.  I use Elgato software and watch HDTV on a Mac.  I have three TiVo’s in my house.
  5. I learned long ago not to confuse hockey and business.  Blue Jacket fans have to learn that and when they do, they will understand the game that is played at Nationwide a lot better.  I’m not saying that they will like it, but it will make more sense to them.

So there you go.  I’m not going to tag anyone, as I don’t really think it’s necessary.  But I’m sure we’ll see this thing come around again sometime.  If it keeps up at this rate, EOB readers will know everything about me in about two more of these posts.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.

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  1. Interesting. Well… at least to me, who:

    1. doesn’t know a thing about hockey and can’t even ice skate
    2. enjoys this site despite above
    3. knows Drew in person but doesn’t know jack about Truth Serum
    4. is aware that Drew isn’t the only one in his family breaking bones at softball games
    5. thinks that the enjoyment of running in 10 k’s may actually run in the family

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