Game #41 CBJ at Anaheim

January 5, 2007

Cruisin’ through Cali

While the Blue Jackets make their way up the Golden State coastline, their road woes are causing them to fall right down the Western Conference ladder.  As every media outlet carrying a preview of this game will tell you, Columbus has lost it’s last five games away from home.  Three by shutout and one each by overtime loss and shootout.  With conference leaders Anaheim next up on the schedule, the struggle to say out of the basement doesn’t get any easier.

Blue Jackets: Away from home, it seems as though the Jackets players suffer from the same malaise as do many of their fans.  “Are we going to score?”  As noted in previous Dose of Reality columns, Columbus does not play the same type of game on the road as they do at home.  In facing a limping Anaheim Duck squad (injuries to at least four starters and losers of their last three), the Jackets will have to come out strong and ignore the fact that they’re a couple miles from home.

red cross

New Ducks logo for their third jersey.

Anaheim: Recent injuries to Chris Pronger, Jean-Seabastien Giguere, and former Jackets Francois Beauchemin and Todd Marchant have caused the Ducks to experience their longest losing streak of the season at three.  Here in Columbus, three losses in a row is the point at which we start noticing that the team isn’t winning.  The current conference leaders have a sizeable playoff cushion at this point, and if they can play consistent hockey as expected until most/all of their injured players return they will likely be one of the top four seeds come mid-April. 

Hometown press

Out of town press

Neutral previews

Fearless EOB Prediction: The Road Woe-rriors keep on truckin’ and make it six straight.  Anaheim breaks their little bitty losing streak and receives reassurance that they can win without Chris Pronger.  Ducks win 4-3.

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  1. Nice. The honest assessment is a nice approach. Sure the Ducks might be world-beaters this year, but even if they weren’t, all my predictions would still be Duck wins.

    Like the logo, also, but it kinda reminds me of back when we had Martin Gerber as our backup. Very Swiss indeed.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Earl!

    In my predictions I’m often torn between picking my team to win and picking correctly. It’s a tough call.

    I’m just glad I was able to avoid the terribly misguided bad pun of calling them “Lame Ducks”.

    That would have been pathetic… and awesome. You pick.

  3. I’m starting to come back around to the notion that there are no more bad puns (or they’re all bad).

    Lame Ducks works for me. Or “ucks” (Ducks without their big “D”).

    Pathetic is cool again, baby!

  4. Big win for CBJ! I think they should start calling themselves the “Columbus Cardiac Arrests”, because it must be awfully hard on their fans to watch crazy games like tonight!

    Well Done!

  5. Anaheim certainly turned into some ‘Lame ucks’ in the last few minutes. What an unexpected victory for the Jackets, and the goals came from less likely places /2/ from Klesla included. Go Jackets!

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