Dose of Reality #20

December 29, 2006

Dose of Reality

“Nobody held me up so I kept going to the net, and I shot it,” Datsyuk said of his ninth of the season.

No, nobody held him up. Did the Jackets think that Detroit was going to pack it in and go home early, afraid to make a comeback? If Columbus had an NHL defense, it would be something. Oh sure, there were signs early in the game that the Jackets were going to play this one different. Adam Foote was really giving Tomas Holmstrom a hard time, not letting him stand in front of our goal without a battle. And Rick Nash had an attitude to start the game. But there weren’t many signs of life in the last nine minutes of the game. The CBJ Marketing & Entertainment staff did their best, putting up a rub-it-in-your-face OSU taunt on the big screen, but unfortunately an NHL game was being played at the time, so it was a meaningless gesture.

Which brings me to a topic that seems to mean a great deal to Bob Hunter, Doug MacLean, and a few others. These guys have been going around trying to build (or make up) a rivalry between Columbus and Detroit. Now to have a rivalry, don’t you have to be somewhat equal in terms of competition? I mean, if the results are nearly always one-sided, how can it be a rivalry? And shouldn’t the teams have been playing each other for longer than six seasons? And shouldn’t both of them have accomplished something during their history? If someone thinks differently, please let me know, because the scores are recorded and standings are being kept.

And Detroit fans, do you know how obnoxious OSU fans are when their football team beats the living shit out of Bowling Green, Kent State, or Toledo? Yeah, you know what I mean. So when the Red Wings beat the Blue Jackets, don’t act the same way. Sure, the crap on the scoreboard last night was bush league, but beating Columbus is not the same as winning a playoff game.

You should know, Detroit fans, that a lot of us cheer Detroit when they are not playing the Blue Jackets. Some of us even moved here from other cities and we were hockey fans long before we got an NHL team. And if you feel abused by the Maple Loaf fans, too bad. You have a better team anyway.

OK, I got that off my chest. So, according to Adam Foote, we need to find “competitive composure”; I thought we needed to take more shots and address the weakness that Pavel Datsyuk pointed out. But if that is all part of “competitive composure”, I am all for that. It is great to get all excited when we beat a Vancouver or St. Louis, but the reality is that Detroit is a better measuring stick.

So, I’m going to try and get through the rest of this weekend. Tonight, we have Minnesota and then on Sunday it is Chicago. These are two teams that are just ahead of us in the standings and if we want to show the hockey world that we mean business, we have to compete in these games.

– Truth Serum


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  1. Somehow, I knew you’d have something to say on that Datsyuk quote.

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