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December 20, 2006

He joking requested a shout-out on the interweb last night at the hospital, so I’m taking a one-post break from hockey to give an EOB family update.

At 7:29 AM on Monday morning, the EOB family grew by one and I became Uncle EOB.  My brother (he wanted to be called Not on the Bench, or NOB for short.  I’ll call him Teach) and his wife became the proud parents of a baby girl.  A 21″, 7 lb 7 oz bundle of wonder.

I actually did something last night I hadn’t done in my life.  I held a baby for more than twenty seconds.  She slept the entire hour plus I was visiting, so Teach said I had to move in with them to keep the peace.  Fun as that sounds, hockey is on tonight and I might need to blurt expletives and I’d hate for their daughter’s first words to be “@#$%*& interference, ref!  ”  (Note: I know kids don’t talk after three days, it was a joke)

Rumor has it that for their first night as a three-person family, the Teach’s watched the Blue Jackets vanquish the Red Wings on the hospital television.  Doug MacLean, you have your newest hockey fan.  Don’t try to kill her will like you have everyone elses.

More hockey content later.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Lucy has slept like a baby since you came by last night. You Must be magic. See you soon!


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