Dose of Reality #17

December 19, 2006

Dose of Reality

It sure was fun last night at the ol’ skating rink. The Blue Jackets got off to a quick start, chased Dominik Hasek off the ice, and then went toe-to-toe with the Red Wings, earning a nice 4-3 victory. I say it was fun because the hometown team played hard and never gave up, when just a few weeks ago, that team might have folded.

Like everyone else in the Columbus hockey universe, I am grateful to have Fredrik Norrena on the team. His play was outstanding and a joy to watch. It is plain to see that he works hard and gives a total effort, and has certainly made me forget about not having Marc Denis around to mentor Pascal Leclaire for another season.

I was very happy to see Sergei Fedorov put two in the net, shutting up the disrespectful Detroit fans. (Question: Do they boo Brendan Shanahan when they see him in a Rangers sweater?) Fedorov has also been working hard and it was good to see him rewarded.

The rest of the team deserves praise, too. Other than the breakdown that left Robert Lang all alone for the first Detroit goal, the team effort was good, the overall quality of play was good, and the energy level was high. I really liked the neutral zone trap that Columbus employed in the third period. Think how bad things might have been had Hitchcock not used this tactic. It will be nice to see the team carry this effort over to the Wednesday game in Detroit.

Maybe last night’s game will be the one that makes the obnoxious Red Wing fans show some respect when they come to town. They were very quiet last night because before they knew it, they were behind 3-0. They cheered politely when they scored their first goal and were a little louder after the second, but it wasn’t anything like in the past. No chants, no standing up and smirking at us locals, and no drunks wanting to do a little more to rub it in. I’m sure that someone will report an Urban Legend to me about how they saw a Detroit fan eat a Columbus baby alive last night and burn an Ohio State flag, but I’ll want to see the Fox News video for proof. I know Detroit fans don’t go into Denver or Philadelphia and act like they do in Columbus, because they value their personal safety. I hope that future games with Detroit really are a rivalry from now on and that all of the ridiculous antics from the Blue Jackets entertainment and marketing departments are no longer needed.

– Truth Serum



  1. Oh, NOW Fedorov wakes up, after I drop him in my hockey pool!
    The Jackets look good now. How is it that Hitchcock lit a fire under Nash’s ass? By yelling?

  2. “I’m sure that someone will report an Urban Legend to me about how they saw a Detroit fan eat a Columbus baby alive last night and burn an Ohio State flag, but I’ll want to see the Fox News video for proof”

    I can give you a photoshopped picture of Chris Osgood with “A Modest Proposal” tucked away somewhere on his person. Sound good? 😀

  3. I don’t know if we’ll boo Shanahan when he comes back or not. Since we play the blueshirts this season at the Gardens, it’ll be another three years or so until we play them again, so if Shanny’s still there and they play at the Joe in 2010, we’ll see how the respect holds up.

  4. It is a completely different situation with Shanahan than it was with Fedorov. I don’t think that Shanahan will be booed when he plays at the Joe because it is not as much as a betrayal. The Ilitch family and the Red Wings franchise is responsible for Fedorov’s opportunity to leave Russia and play in the NHL.

  5. Andrew,

    I think you’re right, fans won’t boo Shanahan. But they shouldn’t boo Fedorov, either. He gave the Wings many great years, and despite the opportunity Sergei was afforded by the Detroit organization they did not “own” him. He provided services for money. It’s not a sport anymore, it’s business.

    And if Sergei played the last three years in Detroit with the same statistics he’s seen in Anaheim and Columbus, I wonder if we’d see the sad sight of fans booing their own players.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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