Your Monday Hit List, a day late

December 12, 2006

I had a bit of an injury yesterday morning that sidelined me for much of the day.  It’s always amazing to me that muscle spasms can be so painful.  Things are better now (it’s helpful that the wonderful Mrs. EOB is a licensed massage therapist!), and I’m back in action.  Without further delay (I know you’re all frantically hitting the ‘Refresh’ button waiting for this post), here is the Monday Hit List in no particular order:

  • The St. Louis Blues organization fired head coach Mike Kitchen and immediately announced former Kings coach Andy Murray as the new charge.  As a Central Division foe, I enjoy watching a team that has been as inept as Columbus the past two years.  But for the fans of the Blues, and those of hockey in general (of which I can be included), I wish the franchise the best (or at least a little bit better).
  • I’m slowly working my way through my stats odyssey.  I’m going through each game, and looking at the game sheets and play-by-play sheets.  I’ve already started with the obvious question for Blue Jacket fans, “How have things changed since Hitch’s arrival?”  I’m hoping that the more information I see, the more questions I will have.  If any of the readers have any questions related to CBJ statistics, let me know.  I’ll do what I can to help.
  • The injury bug bit in Sunday’s 6-2 win over Ottawa.  Adam Foote is out for Tuesday’s game at Dallas, but may play Thursday at Phoenix.  Pascal Leclaire will not accompany the team on the mini-roadtrip at this time.  It was initially feared that he had ligament damage in his knee, but the MRI apparently showed that it was just a sprain.  The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that he may be available by the end of the week.  If that keeps Ty Conklin from making an appearance, I’ll feel even better.
  • On the heels of his week to remember, Fredrik Norrena has climbed to 5th in the NHL in Save Percentage at 0.925.  His GAA of 2.10 is good for sixth in the NHL.  Based on Leclaire’s minor injury, I’d not be surprised to see Norrena in net for both games this week and on a more regular basis going forward.  I won’t say that the goaltending woes of the past are behind us, but things are looking better.
  • The Jackets have five division games before the year is out.  Three against Detroit, and two against Chicago.  None will be easy, but this would be a great time to make up some more of the difference between us and the pack.  Look for the Jackets on national television on Monday against Detroit, as they appear for the first of three times on the Versus network.  The Jackets also have three scheduled appearances on NBC.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  Come back soon.


  1. Did you have a lower body injury or upper? Did Mrs. EOB kiss it and make it all better?

    Anyway, if I see Ty Conklin in the net I’m going to come down with a headache for sure.

  2. It would have been classified in the rags as an upper body injury. The muscles in my left shoulder through neck were tight as a drum yesterday. And I wish she would have only kissed it to make it better… that woman is strong!!

    I don’t think anyone except the opposition and possibly Oilers fans (to laugh at us) want to see Conklin between the pipes.

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