Streak reaches four

December 11, 2006

I didn’t have the pleasure of viewing last night’s power play massacre (5 PP goals in a 6-2 win?!?) levied against the Ottawa Senators, but I hear it was a treat.  A non-hockey fan friend of mine was at the game, and after the game he was saying he’s never seen the team play so well.

Four weeks ago, even diehard hockey fans were beginning to grow disinterested with this squad.  And now, they’ve got non-sports people talking about the team.  Things have changed a bit in Columbus.

I’ve still got one foot in skeptic/realist land, and am waiting for the team to find it’s “new” baseline.  I don’t think that the Jackets were as bad as the team showed in October/November, and I’m not convinced that they’re as good as they’ve showed the last eight games (I’m using Hitch’s arrival as the switch point).  All this is not to say that I haven’t been enjoying hockey lately.  I’ve enjoyed the high fives that have accompanied the broadcasts recently.

As noted previously, I’ve been toying around with numbers a bit lately.  I’m just not sure what I’ve wanted to do with them.  I’m starting to get an idea of what I want to look at first, and now it’s time to extract the right data and try to ask the right questions.  It’s a timely process for me, but I’m hoping that I’ll come out of the process with a little better understanding things.  It surely won’t be groundbreaking stuff, but why should the Oilers bloggers have the monopoly on stats posts?

Can the Jackets keep things going against the Stars on Tuesday?  Let’s hope things stay competitive.

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