Dose of Reality #14

December 9, 2006

Dose of Reality

Yesterday in the blog Globe on Hockey, James Mirtle wrote about the Gilbert Brule situation in regards to the Canadian roster for the upcoming World Junior Tournament. This is an event that showcases the best Junior hockey talent that each nation has. Dan Fritsche, Rick Nash, and Nikolai Zherdev have played in the past and performed very well. Canada would very much like to have Gilbert Brule suit up, but he was not made available to them. And who would not make him available, you ask?

Why none other than Doug MacLean, of course. Instead of helping with the growth and development of one of his coveted number one draft picks, MacLean keeps him on the Blue Jackets, where he languishes with barely ten minutes of ice time and four whole points when he isn’t a healthy scratch. How is anyone benefiting from this decision? Is Brule being prepared for a career in arena maintenance by studying the wear and tear on a hockey bench?

One of you EOB readers out there has to put a call into MacLean on the next ego trip radio show about this. You may know that all of the calls are now screened and you will have to lie to get through, but it would be worth it. Think of the public service that you would be providing both to the fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Hockey Canada.

Think again, hockey fans, when you hear how much Doug MacLean cares about you and how hard he works to make the team successful.

– Truth Serum


  1. I have two words for you: Dominic Hasek. Hey, I have two other words for you: Olympic Break.

    MacLean may have every reason you just said, but if it’s the season, and I have an asset (perhaps underused, but he’s still mine), he ain’t going nowhere. If you want development, send him to the Crunch. And frankly, screw Hockey Canada. If Hockey Canada wants to offer up a first round draft choice if Brule gets hurt, then by all means, ship him off. But one guy is not going to build a sport. Not Crosby, not Ovechkin, and certainly not Brule. Gretzky is the only guy ever to do it. There’s only one Gretzky.

    I wanted to find something to misspell in that little rant, just to not sound like a pretentous jerk. I may have sounded that way. Sorry if I did. I don’t want to sound like I’m attacking your blog. I want the World Cup of Hockey back, and let the World Champs and Olympics be the amateurs and non-pros. I would make the same choice MacLean is making, and that kind of scares me.

  2. I’m not sure that allowing Brule to play in the World Juniors should be interpreted as helping to build the sport. It would be done with the intention of helping Hockey Canada, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Gilbert Brule.

    In some ways I agree with you based on the Hasek principle, injuries are definitely a worry. But I think that the playing time and international experience Gilbert Brule would gain by playing in this tournament would be invaluable to both the growth of him as a player and the organization.

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