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November 30, 2006

I’m assuming that most people who run their own sites use their blogroll as their daily reading list (if they don’t use some sort of feed reader, which I don’t).  That said, maybe you don’t.  If not, I’ve added a new link on the sidebar to The Chief Canuck.  Another Canuck-centric blog has been chiseled into the EOB template.  Stop by and check it out if you like.

Also, in a mini-roundup… the CBJ are getting some attention from some Buckeye-heavy sites now that the football team is off for another five or six weeks.  Check out the following:

I’m guessing there will be much more from both of these sites in the coming weeks and months.  There’s the Heisman ceremony, OSU basketball ranked in the top 10, and a little football game coming up on January 8th as well.  Stop on over and say “hey” if those topics float your boat.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.  And for those of you who got here searching for “mennonite sleep bench“, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Have a great Thursday.

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  1. Man, didnt mean to steal your Chimera thunder…lol.

    I am working on a nasty project out here in Seattle and posting hasnt been my top priority, which is sad because there are a lot things I want to write about with the CBJ…and OSU, of course…and even on the Music front….a new album from The Shins comes out on 1/23/07.

    My fingers cant keep up with my head when I do get an open second to type some stuff up for the blog…hence you get two posts in an hour. Apologies…should have been three, but blogger wouldnt cooperate.

    It will be interesting to see how this team plays when the honeymoon 2-week period is over with Hitchcock. I love how the Fritsche and even Svitov have been playing. Simple hockey is the most effective right hockey now for this team and Hitchcock wont seem to have it any other way, which will be a good thing once he forces his will upon the players.

    Is it just me or has Rick Nash been the suxor lately…he has a little Chimmer in him, as well, with the whole I want to keep skating behind the net thingy. He just wont bull charge the net…sissy.

    And just when you thought that things couldnt get any worse….that’s right mothertrucker…Derrick Walser. I hope that the Flood guy from Syracuse that we traded to get Walser back was missing an arm or a leg or something, because D. Walser isnt worth a bag of pucks from Sportmart…but I digress….

    Hopefully, things will slow up in 2007…err…2008. I wonder if I still have that number for the truck driving school….

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