Dose of Reality #10

November 20, 2006

Dose of Reality

Well, it looks like the Jackets are going to offer the coaching job to Ken Hitchcock. Captain Kangaroo was in town on Sunday to talk about the position. He might have been remembering that time in 2002 when he was coaching the Dallas Stars but not having much success at that time. The Jackets beat his team on a Monday night in February if I recall, and the next day Hitchcock was out of a job. He went on to Philadelphia the next season and enjoyed some good seasons there. But the hockey world is small and there aren’t a lot of openings in it, so the citizens of that world move around every few years. Will Hitchcock be moving here, doing a radio show, car commercials, and appearing at golf events?

But somebody has to take over this team and it might as well be Ken Hitchcock. The team is absolutely terrible at the moment, so all that a new coach needs to do is win a few, something we fans haven’t enjoyed in a while. If Hitchcock is wise, he will delay his start until after the current ass kicking from Nashville is over. He might want to hold off until St. Louis or Phoenix is on the schedule.

How much authority and responsibility Hitchcock will be given is a topic of debate for those few people not consumed by the BCS game. Can Doug MacLean let go and admit that his plan wasn’t the right one and things will have to be done differently and not his way. In fact, the way this season is going, the team might be looking to draft in the top five when that event is held here in Columbus next June. Will Doug MacLean be here to host it? A good case could be made that he is responsible not only for the event itself but also the draft order itself, so he might be standing at a podium once again, letting an audience know that next year will be better.

Whatever happens, happens. This season is turning into yet another disaster for the Blue Jackets. Playoffs are something we will once again watch on television, yearning to be there ourselves. We will probably be eliminated in January, a short season without any promise. Has Doug MacLean killed the franchise? Perhaps not, but the team is needlessly left behind once again, the hopes of the fans taken away before they knew what hit them. Nationwide Arena is going to be a quiet place in the next few months. I just hope that the next coach can bring the fans back.

– Truth Serum

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