Management woes garner international attention

November 17, 2006

Hat tip to James Mirtle on this one.

While it’s no surprise to folks outside of Franklin County that Doug MacLean hasn’t run the Blue Jackets franchise very well, our hockey team doesn’t usually make the news out of town.  Except as part of the ever familiar headline of “Hometown team takes an easy one against the hapless Blue Jackets.”

James Mirtle highlights a discussion going on over at the Globe and Mail in their Globe on Hockey section regarding Doug MacLean and what he has(n’t) done in his tenure with Columbus.  James himself contributes to the discussion with his post titled How has MacLean kept his job?

Other writers chime regarding the Blue Jackets as well.  You can read posts from David Shoalts both here and here.  David makes the sound argument that hiring Ken Hitchcock would be a move calculated by MacLean to try and save his job.  I discussed this yesterday, and couldn’t decide if I could put aside my selfish desire to win in order to have CGMDM ousted. 

Ken Campbell makes the point that hiring Hitchcock would be one of the best moves the organization could make at this point.  In the short term, I think he’s right.  But I still side with Truth Serum and say that for the organization to truly turn the corner towards respectability, MacLean will have to be looking at Columbus in the rearview mirror.

It’s nice to have a little attention from abroad, I’ll admit it.  It’s also been nice recently to see the Dispatch writers not giving Doug MacLean a free pass.  And if you’ve watched a game on television, it’s not hard to hear the fans who are disgruntled as well. 

I’d like the fans to consider that perhaps it’s not only the players that are inept right now, maybe it goes higher.

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