Dose of Reality #9

November 17, 2006

Dose of Reality

I have to watch tonight’s game against Colorado on television, so forgive me for being a little depressed.  I mean, how many times do have to hear Jeff Rimer (MacLean crony) miss a penalty or apologize for the team.  But, to be honest, I think the Blue Jackets will give a better effort tonight and may walk out with a victory.  The players are unhappy with the way things are going and want a stable atmosphere so that they can go out and play hockey.  Most of them do respect Gary Agnew and will do as he asks, giving him 100%. 

The rest of the non-Columbus hockey media is now starting to report some of the things that we have all suspected if not known all along:  Doug MacLean is a micro-manager, a screamer, and possesses many other qualities that are detrimental to the on-ice success of the team.  (Read this, this, and this.)  There is a crescendo building to have MacLean removed as GM or from the team altogether and hiring a new GM to right the ship and rebuild the organization.  So I want to nominate someone right now: Neil Smith.

When the New York Islanders hired Smith to be their GM for this season, the team was highly praised as making the right move towards getting back on track.  As you know, Neil lasted only 40 days before a dispute with owner Charles Wang (never indicted at Computer Associates) forced him out.  But Neil won a cup with the Rangers in 1994 and before that he was part of the Detroit Red Wings organization, winning two Calder Cups as GM of the Adirondack Red Wings.  Smith is intelligent, a media darling, and not from PEI.  And he is seeking a general manager’s position.

Smith would have no dreams of coaching the team himself, preferring to do only the job of a general manager.  He is young and hardworking and has actually accomplished something on his own.  So why not interview Neil Smith?

– Truth Serum

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