Jackets net four in loss to Preds

November 16, 2006

The offense was willing, but the defense was not able.

The Nashville Predators took the first game of the season series with a 5-4 victory, heading back to Nashville probably feeling both good and lucky.  Were it not for the relative collapse of the Blue Jackets defense on multiple occassions, the Predators were staring a loss to a much weaker team straight in the face. 

I didn’t see the entire game, but I saw portions of the second period and roughly the last twelve minutes of the game.  Jason Chimera got his first goal of the season, and Rick Nash lit things up with two goals and an assist.  Fredrik Modin completed the scoring for Columbus.  J.P. Dumont, Vernon Fiddler, David Legwand (2), and Scott Nichol made their mark for the Preds. 

The energy seemed there when I could watch, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  A question I have for anyone who was watching (Michael, Truth Serum, anyone?) regarding the final Nashville goal.  The Blue Jackets defenseman, I think it was Aaron Johnson, reversed his direction behind the net to come out to Leclaire’s left.  It looked to me like Jason Arnott completely bowled over Johnson from behind.  Nothing was mentioned about this on the broadcast, so I’m guessing that because Johnson had possession of the puck that there is no penalty.  I would have guessed something among cross-checking/charging/checking from behind/roughing would have been called.  I wanted to yell at the television, but the fact that absolutely no one made any mention of this made me feel kind of dumb.  Did anyone else see this?  Set me straight here folks.  I have no problem taking my lumps when I’m due.  Thanks in advance.

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Truth Serum has some good thoughts in his latest Dose of Reality feature regarding the coaching/GM situation.  My thoughts are split on the issue.  I think that the best situation for the team would be to follow Truth’s plan and have a new GM in place to pick his own coach.  But I have my doubts that the team will get rid of MacLean at this point, and I really think that Hitchcock (or another experienced coach) gives the team the best chance at being competitive right now without a GM change.  I don’t know if I’d want the team to suffer through the terrible season that will likely be necessary to oust MacLean.  I’m a little selfish.

Next game is tomorrow night against Colorado.  Can the Jackets put together another strong effort on offense?

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  1. I was at the game and didn’t notice the contact between Johnson and Arnott. I have since watched the goal several times on NHL.com, but did not see anything that warranted a call. I couldn’t tell if Johnson was doing a reverse pass behind his own net and his partner was beaten to the puck by Nichol. None of the Jackets can be seen questioning the officials about the play.

  2. We will indeed get to try Nashville again. While its satisfying to take down any team in our division, there’s something so satisfying about defeating that country music loving Tennessee team.

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