Dose of Reality #7

November 14, 2006

Dose of Reality

I wrote this last night and then held off posting it because I knew the time had come. The game at Chicago showed that the Blue Jackets are hopeless under the leadership of Doug MacLean and Gerard Gallant and that changes would have to be made. The team announced just before 6:00 PM that Gerard Gallant was fired and that Gary Agnew will be the interim coach. To Gerard, I wish him well and know that he will be back in the game at the NHL level in some capacity soon.

But removing Gallant is only a start. The organization has squandered a once-promising future under Doug MacLean. He has wasted trades, interfered with the coaching process, needlessly alienated people, and lived by cronyism. The team needs a new direction and mandate from the top and as long as MacLean is still involved and making those decisions, we fans can expect more of the same. This is only a half step.

John McConnell or one of his aids should have smelled the coffee when they saw the Forbes article that showed the franchise value without a gain over two seasons and losing money. Do they think that Gallant created those problems? If he is content with these financial conditions and returns, then no change is needed in the office of President and General Manager. But if he wants to fulfill his promise of giving the fans a playoff team, then he has to make additional changes.

Unless things change drastically, the playoff hopes are over for this season. The team is on track for a 60 point season. If they catch fire, they could earn 80 points, but that is still not good enough.

Last night, I heard Jeff Rimer, a MacLean crony, state that the Jackets have lost nine of the last 12. Well, lets go even further and state the obvious; they have lost ten out of fifteen. I suppose MacLean is happy to see Wayne Gretzky take some of the attention from him with an even poorer performance in Phoenix. But he can’t fool everyone.

Firing Gallant late in the news day during OSU-Michigan week is a nice try to avoid calling attention to your shortcomings, Mr. MacLean. Please do the right thing and resign from the organization.

– Truth Serum

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