Blue Jackets sing for charity

November 8, 2006

For my 100th post (it doesn’t seem like that many), I figured I’d highlight a story showcasing a few Blue Jackets off the ice.  In today’s Dispatch, the cover story in the Life section was titled Blue Christmas.  Based on my prior knowledge of this event, I wasn’t surprised to see the story but I still laughed when I saw the pictures.


Photo by Neal C. Lauron / Disptach

Nine members of the hockey club gathered in a Dublin, Ohio recording studio (Circa Music) on Monday to record a Christmas album for charity.  From all accounts, written and otherwise, it was a great time.  

Two of my best friends happen to work in the recording studio, and they told me a few weeks ago that this was going on.  I told them I’d cater the lunch, just so I could listen to the butchering, but in the end I settled on listening to their accounts of the action.

I talked to one of the guys I know on Monday evening, and he stated “It wasn’t bad at all, they sang better than I thought they would.  And it was really funny to see them pick on the French-Canadian guy who couldn’t say some of the words.”  Coming from my friends, it didn’t surprise me that they focused on the good-natured barbs lobbed between friends, since that’s what we spend most of our free time doing to each other. 

I was a bit surprised to see this highlighted in the Dispatch article, however.

“I’m not singing tumpety-tump-tump, tumpety-tump-tump,” the goalie said as players doubled over laughing at his French-Canadian tongue tangle with thumpety-thump-thump.

It’s not that I think it’s inappropriate, at all.  I think it’s quite funny.  It’s just not something I expected to see in print at a time where political correctness is favored so highly.  Way to go Dispatch, for not being afraid to make fun of someone (or at least print that someone else did it).

Studio owner Allen DiCenzo had the second best line of the article, with “I really thought I’d be hitting the Excedrin pretty hard by now.”  You and me both, pal.

Jackets winger Jason Chimera delivered the winner of the day, with the following:

Before any music entered his headphones, forward Jason Chimera noted to engineer Allen DiCenzo, owner of the Circa Music studio: “Need a little more treble, babe. Yeah, little more treb. Maybe crank the bass a bit. Yeah, that’s good. Now give me a beat, give me a bounce, maybe a snare! “

If the team could just find a way to loosen up like this out on the ice, I’m guessing I’d have less opportunities to write about getting outshot by a 2:1 margin.

Columbus hits the Savvis Center ice tomorrow night to face the Blues in St. Louis at 8 PM.

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