Changes at the End of the Bench?

October 30, 2006

I don’t usually like to talk about things before they’re finalized, but I’ll make an exception in this case.  I’m in talks to bring another writer on board here at the End of the Bench.  The potential blogger will remain nameless, as he wishes to (prospectively) produce anonymously. 


One of my original goals was to provide a voice counter to that of the local media, which usually fawns over the team like a three-legged dog.  I don’t feel like I’ve kept as true as I’d like to that goal, and I think that the new writer will help this blog meet those goals.

As I’ve discussed with the prospect, although I think I have a healthy passion for both the game of hockey and the CBJ; often my basis for discontent ranges from anecdotal to slightly misguided perceptions.  Occasionally I’ll hit the mark and be pissed for the right reasons, but not as often as I’d like.  I attribute my depth of understanding (or lack thereof) to being relatively new to the game.  I’ve only been following hockey religiously for six years, and casually for eight to ten years.  Our prospective writer (PW) has been involved with hockey (playing/coaching/officiating/fan of the game) for considerably more years.  The depth of understanding possessed by PW is considerably different than my own, and his analysis on the status of professional hockey in Columbus (“Houston, we have a problem.”) would be much appreciated and valued at the End of the Bench.

To our potential new-hire:  If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll join the staff.  Your opinions, insight, and analysis would be a great addition to the EOB team.  I (we) look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for stopping by the End of the Bench.


  1. Ooh, ooh. Can we play five questions?

    Is he bigger than a breadbox? 😀

  2. Does he spew vitriol like I do when i have time to write??

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