Rage against the poorly functioning machine

October 25, 2006

Soon after the final buzzer had sounded, I spewed my Sharks/Jackets post-game rant onto the computer and pressed it.  Sometimes I worry that I unintentionally censor my thoughts, not in a take out the curse words way but more of a time and distance make things not seem so bad kind of way.  Did that make any sense?

By being quick on the draw, I made sure I was including the emotions I felt while watching the game.  Soon after I hit “Publish”, Mrs. EOB got home and heard the whole rant out loud (uncensored in every way).  It must be love, because most people (not just women) would think I’m crazy for being so passionate about a dumb sports team. 

I’ve often wondered if I’m alone in my joys and sorrows related to the CBJ.  Here in Columbus, everybody knows (or is) a Buckeye fan.  On fall Saturday’s, you feel like part of a large Buckeye community even if you’re watching the game alone on a ten-inch black and white in your apartment.  It’s prevalent.

Watching the CBJ is a different story.  Not everybody knows hockey fans (CBJ or otherwise) in Columbus.  All too often, after a big win or crushing defeat it seems like my passion is meaningless because I can’t share it with someone who understands the ups and downs of “my” team.  Of course, Mrs. EOB is always there, but I’m used to a larger community (OSU) where I can make a comment about the game to just about anyone and they’ll understand.

As I found out after the 3-0 loss to the Sharks, my wait is over.  The Blue Jackets online community, small though it may be, has expressed it’s collective discontent.  I have to take something out of a loss, and this is it.  The underground voice of CBJ fans has risen.

Who’s saying what?

  • Army of the Ohio – The best CBJ blog out there.  Michael goes off on the coaches, players, passing, CGMDM, the power play, everybody!  This isn’t Mike’s first rant on the Jackets, and I doubt it will be his last.
  • Death Cab for Woody – Herringbone runs a blog that focuses more on OSU sports, but sprinkles his CBJ thoughts out there every once in a while.  In this post, he discusses how he’s not feeling sad he can’t watch the CBJ in person this year (transplanted to Seattle this summer).  Judging by his thoughts, the last four games have had a lot to do with his lack of regret.
  • Men of the Scarlet and Gray – Again, primarily a Buckeye/football centric site with an occassional look to the rink, sportsMonkey has issued his displeasure with the team.  He makes some “polite requests” to a few Jackets, hoping to prod them to new heights (off the ground would be a good start).

It’s great to see the fans take a look at what’s going on and speaking out.  I’m not talking about the one or two morons who make the Dispatch letters to the editor every Sunday, wondering “why do we even have hockey in Columbus if we can’t win the Stanley Cup” or stating “Columbus is a college town only and the Crew/Blue Jackets should get used to it or leave.”  I’m talking about fans, who can look at what’s going on and offer some reasonably constructed thoughts.  We (the represented CBJ bloggers and myself) might not agree on the way to a solution, but everybody is pissed… and it’s great.

Yelling man

I’ve found my home, and I’m glad there’s somebody to share the food at the dinner party.  Even if we all will be yelling across the table that the blueline sucks.



  1. […] End of the Bench delivers the voice of the small but mighty Blue Jackets online following. […]

  2. I am a season ticket holder for both the Crew and the Blue Jackets. Yeah, I’ll watch the Buckeyes but I prefer soccer and hockey now. Anyway, I haven’t had many victories to celebrate this year. The Crew were downright unwatchable and we are not renewing our tickets in part because they were so bad.

    I had such high hopes for the Blue Jackets this year. The last four games have been very disappointing. They looked completely inept. I know it is still early in a long season though so I’m keeping the faith. I really hope to see more effort from them this Friday.

    Also, don’t you think that is is incredible that they are back to the ‘dump and chase’ method of getting across the blue line? All those expensive forwards and no one can control the puck across the line. And Hainsey is useless at keeping the puck in, I don’t remember him being that bad last year.

  3. Tara,

    Welcome to the End of the Bench!

    I’ve been to one Crew game since they’ve been in town. I had a great time (sitting behind the goal when they score three, including a penalty kick helps), but I have a hard time following the team unless I’m there. As I’ve learned to love hockey, I appreciate soccer more as I think there are some similarities in game flow. Anyways…

    I think we all had high hopes for the Jackets this year. It’s probably a bit too early to completely write off the season, but it’s never too early for worry. They’ve looked fairly flat the last four games, and when they receive the puck via pass in their own zone they are so skittish they make bad passes to try and break out. It’s not pretty.

    I think the dump and chase can be effective with the right lines. The Malhotra line would probably be a good example there. But every other line has at least one guy (Zherdev, Fedorov, Brule, Svitov) that can carry it in. It seems like they aren’t afraid to do so, but the support from the other four skaters just doesn’t seem to be there once they get in the zone. Offensive positioning and hustle on the forecheck when utilizing the dump and chase has been a real issue the last four games.

    Hainsey… yeah. I’ve got high hopes for this guy. He could be very good, but right now he looks like he’s ready to buy a train ticket to Syracuse. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone in Western New York is looking to make the trip to Columbus.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Keep on supporting the CBJ! I’m hopeful we’ll have some better things to talk about soon.


  4. What’s up Peter? CBJ is not heading in the right direction under it’s current leadership!!! What do you think? 🙂

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