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October 16, 2006

I’ve unintentionally taken some time off from the blog.  Work and home life have been quite busy in the last week or so, but there are still some random sports thoughts running around in my head.  Here are what’s been itching to get out for the last week, in rough chronological order.

  • I didn’t get to see/hear the opening game against the Canucks.  I received score updates whilst on the dance floor at a wedding (congrats Jerry & Misty!).  A point to start the season… it could have been worse.
  • After facing the likes of Texas, Penn State, and Iowa, it’s hard to get geeked up for a Buckeye game against the Fighting Falcons of Bowling Green State University in October.  Troy Smith looks better by the week.
  • Random football thought:  What the heck is with players celebrating after every single play?  Actually, I think I’ll hit this in a post very soon.  Mrs. EOB suggested it after I was griping at the TV.  So look for this coming down the pipeline.
  • Before we are able to turn on the television last Saturday, the Jackets are down 2-0 to the Blackhawks (who put up 8 on the Predators a few days prior).  Against my better judgement, I watched the rest of the game.
  • My better judgement wins out, as the Blue Jackets reel off five straight goals, and then hang on to win 5-4.  Perhaps Martin Havlat will help the Hawks more than I anticipated?
  • I get to watch some of Monday’s CBJ game in high definition.  HD improves hockey more than any sport I’ve seen to date.  I can’t wait to see more.
  • Columbus is rolling on all cylinders, beating Phoenix 5-1.  Rick Nash is a beast, but the real story is Nikolai Zherdev.  In his first game back with Columbus, he scores two goals (including one in the first two minutes).  The Puck Wizherd is doing his best to win over fans who may have been soured by his contract issues.  From the EOB desk, welcome back Nik!
  • First place in the Central Division is not a place I’m accustomed to seeing my team.  I don’t know what to say (that makes much sense).  Perhaps it’s a good thing I took a week off from writing so I could watch…
  • Columbus gets destroyed by Minnesota on Saturday night.  The first period didn’t look terrible, but the team looked out of sync and had a lot of trouble with breakouts.  Team captain Adam Foote seemed especially perplexed by things such as passing and puck possession even (or especially?) on the power play.  As everyone preached after the first few games, it’s a little bit of a large season.  I’d echo that after watching the 5-0 debacle.  Even though I caught a dirty look from Mrs. EOB after remarking sometime in the second period, “Welcome back, Columbus Blue Jackets of old,” I think the comment was warranted, at least for a game.  After Game 10 (November 1), I’ll offer the first of eight EOB report cards.  Until then I’ll do my best to hold back statements such as “The season is over,” or “Trade everyone,” or “Stanley Cup, here we come.”  Okay?

Game 5 isn’t until Friday against the Maple Leafs.  Here’s hoping the boys can do a little better this game than last.

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  1. Drew…

    I should really start writing about the CBJ sometime soon.

    Maybe when they have more than 3 games in 12 days I will become more motivated to do so…

    Let’s say that the Minnehaha game really stung…I watched the first period and resorted to watching the USC-ASU game….yeah…that’s how the CBJ game was going. Even when they were only down by a goal, you could just feel an ass-whooping in the near future. I think it was the first time that I was actually pissed at all of the Blueliners…especially Hainsey. It was easily his worst game as a Bluejacket…ever.

    Thanks for stopping by…I have been irking a lot of UM fans lately. I am just not impressed with D-line enough to annoint them as a powerhouse just yet. Vandy and ND just dont do it for me, and an oil drum has more mobility than Morelli, so I would imagine that you know their responses. Let the good times roll…

  2. I hear you with the motivation. It feels like every team is playing hockey except us. It will be nice to actually get some games in the next couple days.

    It’s always fun to irk UM fans. I can’t wait until the matchup at the end of the year. At this point, it’s easily the most anticipated Big Ten game in quite a few years. If things go as they should (no guarantee of course), it will be a huge matchup for both clubs.

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