Johnson and Tverdovsky to LA; Belanger and Gleason to Carolina

September 29, 2006

Man, I can’t wait to see what The Caniac Nation has to say about this one.

Michigan defenseman Jack Johnson, drafted 3rd overall by the Hurricanes in 2005, has rebuffed two requests to turn pro in the last year.  He’s just been traded to the Kings along with Oleg Tverdovsky and his big contract for two younger players that will step right into the lineup for the ‘Canes.  If Johnson makes the leap to LA before the season is out, you might be able to hear the mob from here in Columbus.

I brought it up regarding Deion Branch and the Patriots situation, and I have to ask it again here: Why would anyone not want to jump onto (or stay on, in Branch’s case) a team that has a recent track record of being quite successful?  Even if Johnson wants to finish school as he says (which is admirable given today’s NFL and NBA landscape), why not finish your amateur career with the Wolverines and the US National team and then go to play for the ‘Canes? 

Beats me.


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  1. The deal is growing on me. The Canes have a window of opportunity to stay in the hunt for another Cup. Belanger fills a need at third line center and Gleason might develop into a top-two blueliner. The Canes had irreconcilable differences with Team Johnson, and got the best they could in trade. A little cap wiggle room might help down the line as well. They’re buzzing in Raleigh right now about a push to get Gionta or Gomez if the opportunity arises.

    Glad Mac closed the deal on Zherdev. They don’t have much time to teach him how to play defense before the season starts 🙂

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