Perfect timing

September 29, 2006

Now that we’ve all gotten the giggles out of our system for the Blue Jackets finally coming to terms with winger Nikolai Zherdev, let’s examine the emotional landscape here in Columbus.

After running the spectrum of accepted super-fan emotions on the Zherdev saga (casual disinterest, anger, disbelief, anger, relief – I left out ‘reason’ for a good cause), the eternal pessimist in me has to examine the greatest force in all fandom… timing. 

Right now, Blue Jacket fans are excited about the season.  Zherdev is signed, Brule is ready to go, Nash is healthy.  LET’S ROCK! 

How soon we’ve forgotten the nightmares we were all having during the last week.  Sergei Fedorov goes down for four to six weeks, Alexander Svitov goes out two to three weeks, we’ve got no more than one proven center (a third-liner at that) on the roster.  WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO DO???

I have to think that if Zherdev had signed earlier in the summer, and all other moves had proceeded as they have that fans would be up in arms regarding our chances out of the gate.  Last year, early season injuries proved to be the noose that fortune hung from the branches while the Jackets dutifully accepted their fate.  This preseason saw Fedorov and Svitov injured, Berard still iffy-at-best, and Foote not playing in an exhibition contest to date.  Cue the 2005-06 tape, and play.

But as it stands, most folks are able to let a little reason creep in.  Our two Russian centers will be back by mid-to-late October at the latest, so they’re not really missing that much time.  Zherdev is signed eight days before the season starts, so the fans can rejoice in the streets and be overly optimistic.  He may not be in Columbus for another week to ten days due to visa issues, but he’ll be here. 

Knowing now what I do, I’d much rather have a positive outlook from fans as we do than the “here we go again” attitude that likely would have prevailed otherwise.  As Rick Nash stated in today’s Columbus Dispatch, “There has been playoff talk ever since I got here, we have to quit [talking about it] and start doing it.”  This team needs leadership as much as anything else, and this kid looks to be stepping up to the plate.


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  1. Yeah… REAL nice to start October on a good note, for a change.

    This might be the best three lines we’ve ever had in Columbus. Gonna be tons of fun to watch.

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