Fedorov hurt in exhibition game

September 20, 2006

Shortly into the second period against a pre-season game against the Buffalo Sabres, Blue Jackets center Sergei Fedorov went shoulder first into the boards.  He left the ice, not to return for the game.  Full story from the Dispatch here.

Fedorov Hurt

Tests will be performed today to determine the severity of the injury.  While Fedorov is not playing at the same level he was ten years ago (or even five for that matter), it is arguable that he means as much or more to this CBJ team than he did to past Detroit squads.  If he is sidelined for an appreciable amount of time, it could mean another gloomy start to a season.  The only good thing that might come from another poor season would be increasing pressure on ownership to oust Doug MacLean. 

The hope for Columbus fans is that the injury is not major, and Sergei can return to the ice within a few weeks.  The Blue Jackets have only four games in the first fourteen days of the season (and seven in the first twenty-one days), so even if he has to miss a month from today, that’s only four or five games.  That would be a sight better than the 35 missed by Rick Nash at the beginning of last season.

What hasn’t gone unnoticed after last night is the fact that the Blue Jackets are a bit thin through the middle.  The probable centers at this point would be Fedorov, Brule, Malhotra, and Svitov.  Anson Carter filled in on face-offs following Sergei’s departure, but I’m not sure if he’s able to play the position on a regular basis.  Other centermen gunning for the big club would be Mark Hartigan, Joakim Lindstrom, Geoff Platt, and Ben Simon.  Yes, I can hear the collective “who?!?” from the crowd.  It scares me too.

Update (9/21 9:00 AM) According to multiple media sources (seen here at TSN), Fedorov is out four to six weeks.  So it looks like we’ll be without our #1 center for roughly four to ten games.


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  1. […] Drew over at EOB calculates that, because of a relatively sparse schedule in October and early November, Federov could end up only missing four or five regular-season games. […]

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