NHL 2006-07 Predictions

September 15, 2006

If I had been caught in the right mood, I might have spent a ton of time on something like this.  I know how I work: I’d create all sorts of flawed formulae, ponder and analyze, and come up with a set of predictions that maybe I didn’t really trust. 

So I took a different track on this one, I decided to wing it.

The following predictions are not scientific, probably dead wrong, and quite screwy looking in some spots.  But it’s what I’m going with for my NHL pre-season guesses.  Feel free to blast away…


  1. Ottawa Senators
  2. Philadelphia Flyers
  3. Carolina Hurricanes
  4. Buffalo Sabres
  5. New York Rangers
  6. New Jersey Devils
  7. Tampa Bay Lightning
  8. Atlanta Thrashers
  9. Montreal Canadiens
  10. Boston Bruins
  11. Washington Capitals
  12. Florida Panthers
  13. Pittsburgh Penguins
  14. Toronto Maple Leafs
  15. New York Islanders


  1. Anaheim Ducks
  2. Nashville Predators
  3. Calgary Flames
  4. San Joes Sharks
  5. Detroit Red Wings
  6. Minnesota Wild
  7. Colorado Avalanche
  8. Dallas Stars
  9. Vancouver Canucks
  10. Columbus Blue Jackets
  11. Los Angeles Kings
  12. Edmonton Oilers
  13. St. Louis Blues
  14. Phoenix Coyotes
  15. Chicago Blackhawks

I’m ready for the backlash.  Game on!



  1. Montreal will do better than the 9th position. i would say maybe the 6th. Blue jackets without zherdev..its not going to help them..

  2. Oilers 4th line centre (Reasoner) would be your second line centre…good luck Blue Jackets

  3. I think that Luongo and the massive fan support in Vancouver will help them burst into the playoffs.


  4. PREZ,

    You may be correct. I think Luongo will help this team, but I wonder if that’s enough to overcome the personnel losses. I think the Northwest Division is incredibly tough, with any of the teams possessing the potential to not only make the playoffs but maybe even win the division.

    If the Blue Jackets keep sustaining injuries to their centermen, I’ll have to think about revising my predictions (back to where everyone thinks they belong, I know…). Of course, I won’t do it, but I’ll think about it.

    A little over a week away until things get underway. I can’t wait.

  5. The east
    Although I am a bit of a fan of the Sens, I would have to disagree with them being in first overall. Their goaltending situation is questionable and would move them down at least 2-3 places. The Thrashers making the playoffs is also pretty scary; with luck they will make it but that means that the likes of Montreal and Florida will be plagued by injuries. Here is how it should read:
    1. Carolina Hurricanes
    2. Philadelphia Flyers
    3. Ottawa Senators
    4. New York Rangers
    5. Buffalo Sabres
    6. Montreal Canadiens
    7. New Jersey Devils
    8. Tampa Bay Lightning
    9. Florida Panthers
    10. Atlanta Thrashers
    11. Boston Bruins
    12. Toronto Maple Leafs
    13. Washington Capitals
    14. New York Islanders
    15. Pittsburgh Penguins

    The west
    What can I say here other than you’ve got it all wrong! Here is how it should read:
    1. Calgary Flames
    2. San Joes Sharks
    3. Detroit Red Wings
    4. Anaheim Ducks
    5. Dallas Stars
    6. Vancouver Canucks
    7. Edmonton Oilers
    8. Colorado Avalanche
    9. Nashville Predators
    10. Los Angeles Kings
    11. Phoenix Coyotes
    12. Minnesota Wild
    13. Chicago Blackhawks
    14. Columbus Blue Jackets
    15. St. Louis Blues

    Bring the noise!

  6. I agree with little of your predictions there, brotha – In the East, I actually see Montreal and Boston duking it out for a much higher spot, like 4 and 5, dropping the Rangers (back to their old ways) to 9-10 and Sabres and Devils to 6-7. IN the West, couldnt disagree more – I actually think you’re selling the Jackets short (I’m from Montreal, not a Clomubus fan, for the record). Avalanche will not make the playoffs and Vancouver will be top 4. San Jose and Anaheim will make California a hockey state this season (just writing that makes me nauseous!) Thats my two and half cents. Cheers!!

  7. goggles and Frank, perhaps nwtoilerfan could learn a thing or two about respectful disagreement from you guys.

    Eight days until the games start to count. Best of luck to all!

  8. […] finally, can I direct you back to a post a certain someone made back in September.  Notice who the top two teams in each conference were?  That said, feel free to ignore the rest […]

  9. Why are the penguins so bad for all your predictions, I mean, they have the best player in the NHL, and other young stars around Crosby, and now with playoff experience, that will help, and I don’t know where this Flyer action’s coming from, they suck, and you guys are just jealous of the Penguins skill, and publicity!

  10. Is there anybody out there that could entertain the idea of the leafs doing any better?? (guess who I root for)… I check these predictions for kicks.. and it’s gonna be a scary start after toskola’s crappy opener (thank god it’s pre-sched), but someone’s gotta believe they’ve got motivation after being on the golf course the last 2 Aprils… As for Ottawa.. choke artist’s… just ask toronto every time we boot their ass out of the playoffs.. ready for the feedback

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