Gearing up

September 14, 2006

With two front page above the fold stories in two days (in the week following a big OSU football win, no less) it seems the Dispatch is getting ready for hockey season.

Yesterday, there was a good story on rookie Gilbert Brule, who many think could be a Calder candidate this season.  I saw Gilbert play in person for a few minutes in the home opener last year.  As an 18 year old, he looked confident and was not afraid to throw his body around to create some energy.  If he’s able to live up to what I’ve heard, the Jackets got quite a steal with their first round pick last year.

The big news today is the signing of Anson Carter to the Blue Jackets.  The 31-year old right wing was ostensibly signed to take the place of Zherdev, who it now appears will not be returning to Columbus this year.  I’ll probably need a little time to figure out exactly what I think of the whole thing, but on the surface it looks pretty good to me.  I’d rather have Carter there to fill a hole than try and expect a third or fourth line player to fit in.

The ‘secondary’ news of the day is Dan Fritsche accepting his contract offer.  Dan will be in camp as it gets underway in the next few days.

All in all, a busy couple days for the beat writers down on Third Street.  I’ll have more thoughts as they become clearer to me.

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