DiPietro signs a monster deal

September 12, 2006

TSN is reporting that New York Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro has signed a new deal.  Yeah, so what’s the big deal?  Well, it’s reportedly worth $67.5 million, so that’s not exactly chump change.  Oh yeah, and it’s a 15-year term!!!

What… in… the… heck… is going on in Long Island???  Owner Charles Wang (who was involved in the negotiations) has got to be certifiably insane.  Not even Doug MacLean would do something this dumb (probably not, anyway). 

Initial reaction on the TSN boards is that this is a great move by the Islanders.  Am I the only one who thinks that this is crazy???  Somebody said that Brodeur is the only guy worthy of that kind of term.  Is this the same Marty B who just turned 34?  So you’re willing to pay a guy until he’s 49?  Is everybody insane?!?

It’s my opinion that nobody is worth investing that much time into.  Nobody.  With professional sports what they are, there is no sure thing.  And you surely can’t be certain what will be a sure thing in fifteen years!  Not Elway in ’83, not MJ in ’84, and not Rick D in ’06.  The only way this deal becomes a success for the Islanders is if they can score a Cup or two in the next decade and a half AND if DiPietro can actually play for fifteen more years to get them there.  In this age of the salary cap, I don’t see how any deal beyond four or five years makes any sense.  There’s too much at stake to possibly have $4.5 million of your cap riding the bench or nursing a career ending injury.

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