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August 15, 2006

As you can see by the lengthy last post and the slightly new look, I’ve moved. I took (a copy of) my stuff and ran over here to WordPress. I’d been thinking about doing this for a while, and when I helped someone set up another WordPress blog on Friday, I knew that I had to take the plunge.

There were two major reasons for the switch, and I believe they’re related. The first is the ability to add categories to posts. In looking at some other non-Blogger blogs, I really liked the opportunity to filter related posts right from the front page. While my writing generally centers around the Blue Jackets, I also talk about other things. It would be nice for people who visit to be able to look at items in the archives that are related to their interests. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make the categories more helpful (by way of assigning posts), please let me know.

The second reason for my move was the ease of organization and administration. The writing is the meat and potatoes of any blog, and I think that at least for me the ease of system use and presentation is the platter you serve them on. While the old site may have been functional, it is a bit tedious to have to go into the code to add a link to my page. With WordPress I may sacrifice the ability to add and edit my own code and forfeit most of the customization I had (but didn’t use) with Blogger, but I’m more comfortable with the administrative ease at WordPress.

I’m also thinking about adding a few pages (or sticky posts) to the site so I can have a few different things that are static. Maybe a “Greatest Hits” type section, a more detailed “About EOB” page, and a few other things that will make this a more comprehensive Blue Jackets and hockey blog. I’m open to suggestions here as well.


Special thanks to iwocpo at Abel to Yzerman for talking with me briefly about wordpress a few weeks ago, and to Scott at CasonBlog for reminding me that I was thinking about it.

What I’m really looking forward to is coming in less than two months when teams hit the ice for the regular season. The lack of hockey news in Columbus the last two weeks has been a little troublesome. Thanks for sticking with me here at the End of the Bench, and I hope that I can continue to be on your reading list.


  1. I like the new place! Hope you don’t find it too hard adjusting to WordPress!

  2. Just found your blog and look forward to getting some reading in on the Blue Jackets. I agree that there is too little attention to hockey in Columbus in the summer AND even BlueJackets.com doesn’t offer much ‘new stuff’. I think I need to move to Edmonton and become an Oilers fan . . . maybe there I can get my daily hockey fix.

  3. John,

    Coverage quality and quantity hasn’t been too bad this summer. I was backhandedly referencing the lack of information being put out on the Zherdev situation. I’d like to hear what’s going on.

    I wouldn’t move to Edmonton. Then you’d have to become an Oilers fan. Why not continue to be amused by the Pronger thing instead of being forced to be upset about it.

    In any event, keep coming back, and also visit the other CBJ links on the sidebar. They put out some good stuff, too.

  4. One more thing about the lack of hockey ink in Columbus. If there is anything happening, trades, free agent signing, or a news press release, then there is something to read. Occassionally, the Dispatch is obligated to write something, maybe every two weeks or so. What I would like the Blue Jacket orgainzation to do is to REGULARLY post something, anything, which they could do. The have a PR department, they have a 20-some player roster plus who knows how many prospects in the minors and juniors. Do a human interest story on . . . pick anyone, interview someone, give a prospects update, give their opinion on our prospects outlook of who’s ‘on the verge’ of making the Blue Jackets, followup of some of our favorite old Jackets, trade interviews with our rivals (Nashville or Detroit) and give their players view of the rivalry, insight on anything. This should be one of their objectives to keep something new on the website. Maybe the normal fan can wait for September camp. I visit the CBJ site at least twice a day (and vote for my favorite game) looking for something new, ANYTHING. So, now having found these blogs, I have a few more to visit twice a day.

    After a thorough search of the ‘net, I have now found a site that tracks Russian players and have found articles on Zherdev, which also find there way into the mainstream. I NEED HOCKEY INFO . . . preferrably CBJ info. I have to assume this is like being on crack, you never get enough. I’ll be back . . .

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