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July 31, 2006

Who said that?

Great post over at Abel to Yzerman on the differences between the mainstream media and bloggers. Citing a post on True Hoop, A2Y primarily discusses the reluctance of the MSM to credit or reference competing media sources.

As the casual internet-using sports fans (those who stick to the ESPN, SI, CBS Sportsline, etc. sites) begin to access the good writing that can be found, I think that the bloggers who stick it out (and don’t produce swill) will slowly be legitimatized, not in the least for the things mentioned at A2Y and True Hoop.

Forum madness

I’ve recently joined the forum community over at Kukla’s Korner. I’ve lurked on many forums (from topics ranging from music, home repair, hockey, and poker to name a few) for years, but never posted at any of them. The primary reason is the number of complete morons who exist solely to berate the decent (or otherwise) posts of the civil minority.

Thus far, there does not seem to be any of this behavior in the Kukla Kommunity. I know it’s a relatively new forum, but the discussion does seem to be intelligent, reasonably thoughtful, and devoid of aforementioned morons.

Congratulations and thanks to Paul for putting this up here for us to use.

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