Return from exile

June 27, 2006

A lot has happened in the last week (for me and the NHL). I turn my head for a minute, and quite a few things occurred. I had a wedding-filled weekend being an unruly groomsman, so I didn’t have time to check the web for updates on the game of hockey. There have been some trades, a draft, and an awards ceremony. I really don’t have much to say about the draft (you’ll get a little blurb in an upcoming post), because I don’t have enough interest or time right now to follow junior hockey. The NFL draft is somewhat interesting to me because I know some of the players through the first few rounds, having watched them on Saturdays. I’ve never seen any of the players that were drafted in the latest NHL draft, so it’s not as interesting to me. I make no apology for this fact; I don’t think it’s necessary.

The big trade in the last week was between Vancouver and Florida. Boiled down (chaff aside), it was Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo. Big Bert goes to Florida to play for Mike Keenan. Snobby Sir Luongo gets shipped to Vancouver, and at press time is still working with one year left on his contract. I said a few days back that Roberto wouldn’t be in Florida much longer, and now he’s gone on to the Northwest Division. It will be interesting to me to see how the Canucks fill out their team this year. Bertuzzi is gone, and rumors have Jovanovski and Naslund out as well. It’s hard not to see a changing of the guard. The Sedin twins started to live up to expectations this year, but they will need help putting the puck in the net for this team to have a chance at the Cup. The organization is also thin in signed defenseman, and will have to make moves here as well. While Luongo will help them in goal, I have to wonder if he’s not making a one-year stop in Vancouver and looking to move on to greener pastures in 2007 (Detroit, Colorado, Toronto, anyone?).

It’s looking like unless anything major happens, I’ll be updating on a slightly less frequent basis than during the season. I’ll be checking the usual suspects (A2Y, Cason, Offwing, Death Cab for Woody, and Army of the Ohio) for news and opinion, and I recommend stopping by to check out their sites for yourself.

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