Who doesn’t love hockey? This guy

June 9, 2006

I’m not sure who’s seen this article in the Slate online magazine, but it about made me fall out of my chair.

Why should you read it?

  • “…finding any tube tuned to hockey is a Miracle on Ice.”
  • “It’s time for NHL executives and fans to embrace the game’s position in the American sports landscape. Hockey is—and should be—a cult sport that non-Canucks don’t care about.”
  • “If you’re an American who’s still paying attention to the NHL playoffs, chances are you’re either a) a lower-rung staffer on the local sports desk, or b) an obsessive, possibly mulleted, devotee of a largely foreign pastime.”
  • “Residents of … Raleigh, N.C. … shouldn’t be able to flip on the tube and watch hockey any ol’ time he pleases. He certainly shouldn’t be able to take a break from sipping on his sweet tea to go attend the Stanley Cup Finals.”
  • “How many of the 18,928 so-called “Caniacs” who filled Raleigh’s RBC Center on Wednesday would be following this year’s Stanley Cup Finals if the Montreal Canadiens were playing the Oilers? I’m guessing six.”
  • “I propose that we say goodbye to the entire Southeast Division.”
  • “Ridding the league of the Hurricanes would keep those ratings-boosting Sabres fans in front of the tube. (Angry Hurricanes fans should note that I was conceived in Chapel Hill, N.C.)” [Ed: I love this one, classy!]
  • “Sure, contraction will alienate some fans. Those six Carolinians I mentioned earlier, for instance.”

I’d love to hear some thoughts on this one. Enjoy!

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  1. The south east division HAS to stay! For the good of the league.
    How dare anyone suggest otherwise!!
    Thanks for the link to that article, fascinating stuff. It riled me a little!!


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