Bud feels bad for Barry

May 19, 2006

Fans across the baseball landscape are not happy with Barry Bonds (it took them long enough to admit it). Dressing up as syringes, booing him at the plate, cheering when he gets plunked by Russ Springer. Personally, I have never liked the man. He has an unapologetically bad attitude about being in the public spotlight. There are greater misdeeds for which to dislike a man (like… steroids?), but that’s what stands out about Barry to me. And now baseball commissioner Bud Selig feels bad about the taunting, and wishes the fans would tone it down.

I’ve been on the fence for a long time with my feelings for Bud. In my eyes he’s presided over some good and bad moments in baseball history. He’s overseen the shake-up of the divisional realignment and added a few teams to the playoff picture (good). He’s also toyed with Reds fans on the Pete Rose issue and stopped a tied All-Star game (bad). At least with Gary Bettmann you have a commissioner (NHL) who is enough of a “character” that you either love him or hate him (does anybody love Gary?) With Selig, you have the loveable loser. It’s tough to generate a real feeling either way on this guy. Maybe that kind of bothers me, but other than that… meh.

It’s good that on one hand Selig can say that there will be no special ceremony for Bonds when he passes Ruth, but on the other hand feel sorry for the guy at the same time.

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