Back in the WHL

May 9, 2006

Jes Golbez, over at Hockey Rants, recently attended a WHL title game (edited per attention of James Mirtle) between the Vancouver Giants and the Moose Jaw Warriors which saw the Giants win 7-5. Why should you care? Four words: future star Gilbert Brule. The whole story…

Quick hits

Ilja Bryzgalov? A few months ago, I thought he was the guy the Ducks put out against the Jackets to rest Giguere. Now, everyone is realizing that maybe JSG will be trade bait in the off-season.
– I wish that the playoff schedule would allow me to see more of the Buffalo/Ottawa series. This has to be some of the most entertaining hockey I’ve seen. The 7-6 games are fun, and the 2-1 thrillers are no less.



  1. The Memorial Cup hasn’t started up yet; the Vancouver/Moose Jaw series was the WHL final where the winner qualifies for the Mem Cup.

  2. Thanks for the pointer from James, and bad fact checking on my part. I guess I’m showing my lack of exposure to major junior hockey. Never let it be said that you can’t learn something.

    Check out James’ website (see links on right), it’s definitely one of the best general hockey sites out there.

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