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February 27, 2006

Well, the Winter Olympics are over (finally) and there will soon be much NHL action to talk about. As EOB is not a pro basketball fan, and not really an avid college basketball fan, there hasn’t been much to talk about for the last two weeks.

Some quick hitters:
– World Baseball Classic starts soon. How big of a deal is this to the average baseball fan? We’ll see. Myself, I’ll probably watch a few games and see how the players are performing. If it seems too much like glorified exhibition, you can bet that I’ll be tuning out along with much of the rest of America. If it resembles playoff baseball, it could actually be quite good.
– College basketball is nearing the most exciting time of year. One more week of the regular season remains, and then the conference tournaments and the Big Dance are upon us. Ready your bracketing skills and ability to multi-task for that first weekend. The Ohio State men’s team currently has a one game lead in the Big T(elev)en with two games to go. The conference tourney could be tough, but the Buckeyes have a chance to come out (in EOB’s opinion) with a 2 seed in the NCAA’s if they win. Depending on the performance of Duke/UConn/Memphis/Villanova, perhaps a 1 seed could be found. For the next four to five weeks, it’s time for EOB to pretend like he knows anything about basketball.
– NHL has approximately seven weeks of play left. For the Bluejackets, that means a chance to break franchise records for wins, points, and respectability. If they can continue to compete like they did in the month prior to the Olympics, the CBJ could turn some heads and do a bit of damage.

Thanks for reading, look forward to more writing now that the Olympics are finished. Come back soon.


  1. Too bad I don’t like sports better, because it would be fun to comment on your blogs. But since I don’t know what I’m talking about…

  2. Just throw out some random statistics and everybody thinks you’re a genius. Like, if you know that Cincinnati’s Hal Morris lost the batting title in the early ’90’s to Atlanta’s Terry Pendleton on the final day of the season, you’re probably a genius!

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