Quiet times

February 7, 2006

Busy season over

With all meaningful NFL contests completed, the busy season (yes, all three days) of EOB’s sports-watching year is complete. While there are four major sports (some still contend) and a slew of minor sports to follow, EOB only follows football (college and professional) and hockey (professional) religiously. Professional baseball does get its share of attention in the EOB household, but not to the extent of the aforementioned sports. College basketball will be watched intently during the month of March for obvious (pool) reasons, but professional basketball is ignored completely. Most of the minor sports get little to no attention in my book. This isn’t to say they aren’t athletes (at least until I decide to tackle that column on poker/racing), I just don’t enjoy watching golf/bowling/etc. So now I have to focus my attention on the NHL, and find something else to write about. Possible items include the Olympics, the World Baseball Classic, and the basketball Buckeyes attempting to make the NCAA field.

Super Bowl?

The game is over and it can easily be said that I’m happy it’s so. The Steelers outlasted the Seahawks to win 21-10. Feel good stories that came out of the game include sending The Bus into retirement with a championship (good for him), Big Ben becoming the youngest quarterback to win the big one (who doesn’t like this guy?), and Bill Cowher finally getting a ring (like him or not, he’s earned it). Me, I’m just excited I don’t have to hear any more crappy press on the Seahawks. Sure, they were the best team in the NFC this year (big whoop) but there is just something about this team that I don’t like. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s there. In the past as they’ve had Kreig, Largent, Waters, Galloway; and it’s always been easy to like players on a team that was perpetually crappy. Some things shouldn’t change. On the other hand, it should give me (as a Cleveland fan) a little hope that even the perennial losers have a chance. Maybe next year we’ll have the opportunity to hate another team that shouldn’t do well (thankfully it wasn’t the Bengals too long this year!)

Canucks 7 – Bluejackets 4

All that goes up must come down. Seriously, how long could the Bluejackets keep winning? After spending the better part of two weeks defying gravity, Columbus began its decent to earth on Monday night while losing to the Canucks. I didn’t get to watch the game, but anytime you give up five power-play goals it probably wasn’t as pretty as a sugar-coating GM would like you to believe. That said, I really have to commend the team for how they’ve played lately. The Bluejackets have played tough hockey, won close games, come from behind, and in general done the things that good hockey clubs do. I don’t expect this on a daily basis from this team, they’re still too young. But the signs are promising that consistent good hockey is around the corner. Pundits suggested before the start of the season that this would be the year for Columbus to challenge for a post-season bid. I will still stand by my belief that this is still one or two seasons away. If management can keep the core of the team (read: youth) together then the fans of Columbus will be rewarded for their patience, assuming it continues.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon.

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