Today is the day

February 5, 2006

The Super Bowl is [finally] upon us. After today, football is sadly over for another eight months. No more poring over fantasy stats, watching the big plays, and wasting my Sunday’s in front of a television. Now, thanks to ESPN not picking up the NHL, I’m relegated to hoping for a Bluejackets game on Sunday’s or *gasp* doing home improvement projects.

This morning I played a little bit of Madden ’06 on the PS2. Steelers vs Seahawks at Ford Field. The game was a tough matchup, with neither team scoring an offensive touchdown. With the second quarter winding down, the Steelers intercepted Hasselbeck and returned it for the score. This would prove to be the difference. Late in the fourth, just inside the warning, the Seahawks drove to the inches line making it third and goal. Alexander is stuffed on third down for no gain, and Engram catches a pass on fourth down only to get one foot in bounds and turn the ball over. I don’t think that the actual game will be so low scoring, but I also don’t think this will be a runaway for either team. My prediction is the Steelers winning, with the final score somewhere around 21-17.

Tomorrow, the Jackets go for six in a row against Vancouver and try to finish strong before the Olympic break.

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