A new beginning?

February 2, 2006

Most of the spirited and knowledgeable conversations I’ve had over the years have centered in the sports universe. There are games about which I’m passionate (hockey, football, baseball), and those which I’m not (basketball, soccer, car racing). One thing for certain, there’s very little on which I don’t have an opinion.

I realize it’s a bit presumptuous to think that anyone will actually read this stuff, but perhaps not. Either way, I enjoy sports and I enjoy writing so I’ll give it a shot. There is no topic that will be considered off limits at this time. Sports will be the centerpiece, but the world may creep in from time to time. If you have comments, please leave them. A dialogue without another is a self-serving monologue. I suppose that’s what blogs are for, but at least it will make it a little more interesting to everyone if it’s not just me droning on. If you have any topic suggestions, feel free to leave them for me at aharris9@columbus.rr.com

Thanks for reading, and I hope that the issues keep rolling.

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